The Colombia Court Moves To Metaverse To Host Hearing



The court is hoping to experiment again with virtual reality authorities after hosting its first legal trial in the metaverse this month, Reuters was told.

At a two-hour hearing held by Colombia’s Magdalena Administrative Court, participants in a traffic dispute appeared as avatars in a virtual courtroom. Magistrate Maria Quinones Trianas’ avatar was dressed in black legal robes.

The country is one of the first in the world to test legal hearings in the metaverse, an immersive virtual reality that makes digital spaces feel more lifelike. In these hearings, avatars representing each participant make the experience more realistic.


Transport union’s case against the police will now partly take place in the metaverse, potentially including the verdict, Quinones said. She didn’t rule out metaverse hearings happening in other places too.

This experiment shows that it is possible for a court to continue to function in the metaverse, as long as everyone involved agrees to it.

As legal trials move increasingly to video meetings hosted by Zoom and Google, few have experimented with the metaverse, a space that Meta Microsoft and other tech giants are racing to build

Some early examples of interviews and meetings in the metaverse were criticized for their often poor-quality cartoonish visualizations.

Although there were some technical difficulties with the live stream of Colombia’s court proceedings on February 15, the overall broadcast went smoothly.

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Question Marks

Quinones said that the virtual tribunal is constitutional, but he knows that many people don’t agree with him. He said that 70% of viewers disapprove of the tribunal.

He told Reuters that this prompts questions about accessibility to justice and equality because you need hardware to do this that very few people have.

Quinones agreed that costs and accessibility are important factors to discuss. However, she advocated for the use of the metaverse in cases where abuse might occur. For example, participants can share a space without having to physically see each other.

Gutierrez said that Colombian judges were looking for ways to reduce the workload of the country’s justice system.

Although technology is often advertised as a way to increase efficiency, sometimes it can have the opposite effect.

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