ChatGPT Able To Answer WhatsApp Messages

ChatGPT Soon Be Able To Answer WhatsApp Messages



Is a great tool for people who don’t like texting or who get lazy when they have to reply to a text.

OpenAI, a personal company backed by Microsoft Corp, made ChatGPT available to the public for free in late November. ChatGPT can create articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry in response to prompts.

The Metaowned app does not come with an inbuilt tab for ChatGPT. However, users can integrate the chatbot with the communication app using GitHub.


Will be able to reply to messages on your behalf once it is integrated, and people will not be able to tell the difference between a message written by a human and a machine.

Daniel Gross, a developer, has made a Python line that allows users to use an AI-powered chatbot to reply to WhatsApp communication.

In order to use the Python line, you need to download a language library from a webpage that contains the necessary files. Once you have downloaded the language library, you need to open the WhatsApp gpt main file and effect the servery document. This will initiate the procedure of setting up ChatGPT on WhatsApp, stated the report.

When the server is running, you require to type “Is” and hit enter, then click on “python”. This will automatically format your phone number on the OpenAI chat page. You will then require to click on the “Confirm I am a human” box to get through that you are not a robot.

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After completing all these steps, users will be able to find ChatGPT on their WhatsApp accounts.

Although this is a very interesting feature, it has not yet been officially rolled out by OpenAI or Meta on their platforms.

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